A London based interior furniture store that position themselves at the higher end of the market with a focus on quality of craftsmanship, materials and service that the discerning client would expect.

Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

It was time for Alveena Casa to move online with their range of high end products. They considered using third party catalogue service providers but opted to go down a bespoke route and have their own e-commerce catalogue brand website. They wanted to sell small items online and have an option to turn the larger product items into a pre-order enquiry. All of this needed to be combined with a clever filtering system and easy navigation across all platforms.

The Solution

When you work with a large content website you are immediately made aware of the complexity of the build. The last thing you would want is the potential customer getting lost or confused. So we created a mega menu that allowed users to navigate to sub sections including an option to refine their choices using a filter. On the product pages we combined product and lifestyle shots which enhanced the layout to show the item in a real life setting.

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