A fashion designer with a strong passion towards fine art and craftsmanship. The brand’s ethos is based on combining the idea of resilient, powerful silhouette with delicate aesthetic of handcrafted details.

Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

Known for her work on the catwalks and a unique eye for fashion ingenuity, the demand for G.Hasanova's label was growing fast. She needed to move online to reach her global client base and approached our development team to assist her with this venture. She wanted to display her seasonal collection in a lookbook format and the ability to sell selected items online including a bespoke made to measure service and her new digital approach to 3D shoe printing.

The Solution

When we first viewed G.Hasanova's logo, we knew right away that something creative needed to be developed with it. So we experimented with animating it on the backdrop of the website and placed other content over it. Her imagery was professionaly taken which complimented the minimalist look we were after. The website is made with ajax technology allowing for animated page loads to be done via smooth transitions making the the user-experience fluid.

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