Independent private equity investment management firm with offices in London and Shanghai, engaged in control investments in privately owned businesses with significant growth potential in China and beyond.

Corporate Identity, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

Jade Invest approached Artistsweb to initially update their existing branding, followed by a website redesign that would appeal to a global market and not just primarily focused in China. The challenge was to create a corporate looking website that was appropriate for their private equity industry but not too overly modern. We were tasked to achieve the right creative balance, which was going to be the trickiest part as it still needed to appeal to conservative users.

The Solution

Once we had finalised the branding we had a good base colour palette for the website. We began with quite extensive industry research which was aimed at determining what would be the most appropriate look for their target audience. We incorporated full screen moving imagery with a key focus on the right typography juxtoposed with the text and image containers. The green and dark tones played well with the micro animations and transitions to give it a fluid feel.

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