An investment firm dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial teams as early as possible. They look for teams that are building technology-driven companies to fundamentally transform the industry they operate in.

Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

The Metatron founders met with our design team to explore the idea of their website that had been in preparation for over a year. We went through an extensive brainstorming and prototyping process to see which technologies would be the right match for their very specific brief. The key focus was on why and what type of businesses they deliberately invest in and how the meaning behind their logo could be clearly expressed through their website.

The Solution

Our team went through a number of concept ideas which we proposed to the client. We worked very closely with the founders and co-created during the wireframing process, which enabled us to get a clear picture of what was needed before we started experimenting with web technologies. Once the designs were approved, we developed bespoke scripting that served the backbone of the website which supported the multimedia and animated elements.

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Responsive Web Design 1
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