An independent recruitment agency with their headquarters in Prague, serving candidates and employers globally. They have a different approach to recruitment that cuts through the noise and delivers.

Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

When we first met people place we knew immediately that this would not be a typcial recruitment company website. They wanted something that represented their core values, to show a distinctly different approach to how they work with candidates and employers. From this we were clear that our developers would certainly have a challenge on their hands, not only to create a complex database driven website but to also incorporate complex interactive elements.

The Solution

We started first by creating their new logo, so we came up with an idea of a maze icon which would animate on the website. As video was going to play a vital role, we made it interactive when you hold the space bar down on the homepage. The team page was a challenge to art direct the photographer to achieve the right angles for a 360° rotation. We created a custom recruitment system for candidates to apply and a messaging tool within their account area.

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