A London based fashion design house, showcasing their unique range of classic signature bracelets, card holders and accessories for a global market, a sense of the past reinvented with the spirit of now.

Art Direction, Web Design & E-Commerce Development

The Challenge

The director of Shaan Atari commissioned our team to create an e-commerce website that would reach a new global market. We needed to develop a website which showcased the brand’s signature ranges of bracelets and card holders. The design needed to be clean, minimalistic yet with all of the modern functionalities required for shoppers to easily navigate and make a purchase, with a strong focus on mobile responsive design.

The Solution

Our UX/UI team wanted to create a site which placed a strong visual emphasis on photography, so we got our client to work with a professional product photographer and jewellery model to get the high quality photography needed. We incorporated an innovative approach to the use of the mouse cursor which would display an interactive title, along with each product showcasing a lifestyle model shot wearing the item to give each item maximum exposure.

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