Third Eye Films specialise in documentaries, news features, high profile interviews & commercials. They bring ideas and projects to life by combining creative vision and storytelling with beautiful cinematic imagery.

Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

When the Director of Photography, Daniel Cawthorne approached our team to design his new website, we knew it would be a creative project that would push the boundaries of web technology. During our discussions with Third Eye Films, they not only required a website to showcase their work, but also a completely new brand identity that needed to be heavily involved in the opening animation of the website that would work well across all platforms.

The Solution

We started off by sketching ideas using pencil and not let “digital” get in the way of the creative process. The concept was to take a film camera lens and make it rotate and eventually form the eye within the “Third Eye” logo. We combined new web technology with clever animations to reveal video content, as the main focus was to create an immersive experience for the site visitor, allowing the works to be explored in an interactive way.

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Responsive Web Design 1
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