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Brand Strategy, Web Design & Web Development

The Challenge

As part of their recent success of becoming the London's leading office acquisition company, The Workplace Company needed to revamp their website that would set them apart from their competion. The task was to create a modern and interactive website that would be aesthetically pleasing, but without losing their conversion rate they achieved with the previous website. This is always a tricky undertaking when re-designing an existing site.

The Solution

The primary goal we had to keep at the back of our minds was about conversion, even though the look and feel was a crucial factor, we set about creating wireframes that would allow the users to navigate to any part of the site easily, yet with a strong CTA emphasis on every page. We played with large imagery throughout the site to create a clean and modern feel, with interactive search boxes, contact forms and full site navigation with one click.

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Responsive Web Design 1
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